Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix

A desperate struggle for survival!

Outlander Cover

Eighty years after a smallpox pandemic decimated the global population, Jacen Chester finds himself the sole survivor of his tiny community, just outside the ruins of Philadelphia. Out of the ashes of the old civilization he determines to build a new one.

The young man encounters Hakim, a wanderer with a mysterious past, who begins to teach him the arts of leadership, self-defense, and the history of the recent global disaster. Together they gather a small group of people committed to Jacen’s vision of the future.

The endeavor is threatened from within by Jacen and Hakim’s own sharp disagreements, and from without by ruthless groups having a decidedly different view of the future. The two men must grapple with philosophical differences regarding violence and religious tolerance in a world where the margin of survival doesn’t permit mistakes. When catastrophe strikes the growing community, Jacen’s leadership is put to the test.

Cover design by Dani Snell.

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Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix — 7 Comments

  1. Chris, the book was very good! Can’t wait to read your next one. Great job Chris.