Praise for Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix from readers and reviewers


  • Michael Krauszer of Christian Literature Review posted a partial review on Goodreads, in which he leads off with: “A fascinating post-apocalyptic and coming of age story. C.H Cobb has impressed me with his creative tale, depth of characters, and the morality that is weaved throughout the plot.” He gave the book four out of five stars. 

  • An Amazon reviewer going by the handle “Windowplant” titles her review “I came in skeptical and totally loved this book.” She said, “I loved reading this book and I can’t wait for more of the story! It gave me so much to think about, which I love in a book, and it was a exciting read, too! It raised ideas I had never thought about before, as well as presenting familiar ones in a new way. Cobb is very effective at evoking a world that is both radically different from our own, and also not so distant in possibility. . . .” She gave the book five out of five stars! You can read her full review here.

  • “The characters are well developed, peeling back layers one at a time just as happens in real life when you meet a person and remain associated with him for many years. You care about the characters because you can see yourself in each of them.

    The story moves at a steady, quick pace. Once you start reading, you’ll lose track of time until you’re done. And identifying who is the “Outlander” is a good literary quiz for the reader.

    In short, a very fine work . . .”

  • “With two incredibly strong main characters, Phoenix tells a story of a world lost and people who are desperate . . . I was completely enthralled in this story from beginning to end.”  Click to read entire review by  the Captivated Reading Book Blog

  • “This is a well paced voyage into a future devastated by biological warfare. The survivors are divided between those who seek to retain a moral code and thereby rebuild civilization, and those who don’t. Combining thought-provoking dialogue and brisk action, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants a peek into what the world could become if the west’s moral force continues to erode.”

  • “An enjoyable and thought-provoking read.”

  • “I couldn’t put the book down until I had read through the whole thing! Very well written . . . , and it seems as if it could almost be prophetic, considering the awful world we live in. Can’t wait to read the next volume!”

  • “Starting on page one you had my attention and it was a page-turner all the way through.”

  • “I picked up your book on Saturday and couldn’t put it down!  I really enjoyed the book.  Great mix of entertaining and thoughtful, suspense and interpersonal relationships, etc.”

  • “. . . this is coming from a guy who historically doesn’t like to read fiction….in fact he doesn’t like to read….but, I thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix. . .”

  • “I just finished your book.  I LIKED it!  The story moved along at a good, crisp pace; it was well written; the characters truly lived; the dialogue rang true and didn’t get bogged down . . . “