Outlander Chronicles: Pegasus

Their Worst Challenges Lie Ahead!

Outlander Chronicles: Pegasus

Surviving a desperate attack from Anarchs, the Phoenix community has finally crossed the Mississippi River west into Iowa. They figure they’ve left the Anarch threat behind them and the way to Denver is now clear. The Anarchs have a very different idea about that.

Unknown to Jacen Chester, he—and Phoenix—face the most difficult and dangerous challenges of the entire journey. Between armed conflict, the frigid Iowa weather, disease, and tragic accidents the worst tests are yet to come. Can they survive the winter and the 800 miles of barren landscape that lie between them and their destination?

In Book 2 (Outlander Chronicles: Pegasus), author C. H. Cobb continues the epic physical and spiritual journey of a young man and his friends in a post-apocalyptic world marked by tragedy and death.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9848875-6-9

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Praise for Outlander Chronicles: Pegasus from readers

From an Amazon Reader: Outstanding series. Characters are well designed. Plot moves along and keeps you wanting to read more and more. Fast becoming one of my go to authors. You won’t be disappointed.

From a reader in Iowa: Very good read. A page turner. It always kept my attention. The gospel is very clearly explained. I highly recommend it.

From a reader in Willow Grove, PA: It IS possible to shed a tear from a blind eye…especially while reading Chris Cobb’s EXCELLENT novel, Outlander Chronicles: Pegasus!! It’s . . . on Kindle, for those of you looking for a good summer read. I’d suggest getting Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix first and read them in sequence!