Outlander Chronicles: Icarus

They survived the journey, but can they survive what’s next?

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Jacen Chester and the people of Phoenix have risked everything on the dream of building a new world. They survived a journey of 1800 miles and overcame many brutal challenges along the way. Now they are ready to call this last encampment home.

But contrary to their expectations, arriving at their destination does not eliminate hardship. New dangers and new obstacles await that threaten to unravel the entire plan. When pressed to the limit, can the dream of Phoenix survive the harsh realities of life in a broken world? Can Jacen himself pass the greatest test of leadership?

In Book 3 of the Outlander Chronicles, author C. H. Cobb brings to a conclusion the epic physical and spiritual journey of Jacen Chester and the people of Phoenix, as they strive to flourish in a world where survival itself is doubtful.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9848875-8-3
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