Archived News, June 2013-June 2014

6/21/2014 – Chapter 23 is done. Word count is 93,600+. Library of Congress Control Number has been received. Initial concept work on cover has been approved.

6/13/2014 – The ISBN for Falcon Strike has been assigned. The application for the Library of Congress Control Number has been sent.  The ISBN barcode EPS file plus back-cover material has been sent to my awesome cover creator, Dani Snell of Refracted Light Reviews. The cover photo rights have been purchased from Kris Klop of My most excellent editor, Elizabeth Cobb, is getting the chapters back to me at a great pace. I am excited about how the project is going. Lord willing we might beat the release date of 12/1/2014, possibly by as much as two months.

6/10/2014 – Back-cover blurb is written. Chapter 22 has been submitted to the editor. Word count is 90894.

6/2/2014 – Chapter 21 is done. Work on graphics (for illustrations) is underway. Beginning work on the cover matter. Word count is 87,0000+

5/16/2014 – Sent Chapter 20 to my editor tonight, very pleased with the progress, the story, the characterizations. Word count is 82,000+.

5/10/2014 – Chapter 19 is done, word count is 77,000+. Have purchased the cover photo for Falcon Strike from Kris Klop of

5/4/2014 – Sent Ch 18 to my editor. Word count is now 75,239.

4/29/2014 – Sent Ch 17 to my editor. Word count is 71,732.

4/7/2014 – Sent Chs 14-16 to my editor. Word count is 66,635.

4/5/2014 – Sent Ch 13 to my editor a minute ago. Word count is 57,375. You may wonder how this book can progress so quickly when I have a full-time job. The answer can be found here, in the story behind the story of Falcon Down.

3/29/2014 – Done through Chapter 11. Wordcount is 50,776. Have begun cover discussions with Dani, will be nailing down the photograph soon. I expect to use another of Kris Klop’s photos from Falcon Strike is on schedule for release this year and will complete the Falcon Series. I may have an announcement soon about the next book in the pipeline.

3/22/2014 – Tonight wrapped up chapter 9. Weighs in at 46,000 words.

3/11/2014 – Completed through chapter 8, 40,301 words.

3/1/2014 – Completed through chapter 6, 29512 words.

2/18/2014 – Chapters 3-4 of Falcon Strike are done, 18577 words.

2/3/2014 – Chapters 1-2 of Falcon Strike are complete! First copy of A Prayer of Moses sold in the UK this past month, as well as the first copies of Falcon Down and Falcon Rising in Canada.

1/19/2014 – The Kindle copy of A Prayer of Moses is ready, and should be available in the Kindle Store tomorrow.

1/13 – The writing for Falcon Strike is underway!

1/11/2014 – The Kindle version of Falcon Rising is now available. I am working on the Kindle version of A Prayer of Moses; it’s a more difficult task. I’ve been doing background research for Falcon Strike, the final book of the Falcon Series, and anticipate that the writing will begin next week.

12/2 – Falcon Rising is now available in print, and the Kindle version will be available in the next two weeks!

11/22 – I have received the manuscript of Falcon Rising back from my editor and applied the corrections. Formatting for print on demand is complete, and the proof copy is on the way. The third and final book of the series has been named: Falcon Strike.

11/6 – The final draft manuscript is in the hands of my editor for the final read-through. Yay!

10/28 -The draft manuscript of Falcon Rising is complete. All that remains before publishing is the final editing pass, formatting for Print on Demand, and reviewing the proof copy. Word count is 84,876.

10/14 – Editing now at over 75,000 work mark! Yay! I love this story!

10/10 – Editing now at 66,000 word mark.

10/9 – Editing on Falcon Rising is now at the 58,000 word mark. An ISBN has been assigned, a cover photo purchased, and Dani is at work putting the cover together. The Artisan Walk, by the way, went well, and we enjoyed the opportunity. I did sell several books, and Dor sold some of her cards.

9/30 – No writing done today (boo!). Spent day preparing for the Artisan Walk sponsored by Mainstreet Greenville. It’s this Friday from 6 until 9pm. Doris and I are displaying (her cards, my books), and today we tried to get our display figured out.Good day, but no progress on writing Falcon Rising. Got a good review today on Amazon here, for Falcon Down, and another good review here, at Christian Literature Review.

9/23 – Falcon Rising is now at over 50,000 words. On track for an end of November/beginning of December release. Having trouble getting A Prayer of Moses formatted for Kindle. It will eventually be released on Kindle.

9/15  – Was invited to speak and do a book signing during coffee hour at my mom’s church, St. Mary’s Whitechapel on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Thank you Torrence, and all the parishoners for making Doris and I (and Lou, Lorraine, and Elizabeth) so welcome!

9/10 – Had a great opportunity to do a book signing at the Greenville Public Library. Thank you, John, Susi, and Deb, for the opportunity. Attendance was light (thank you BFCers who were able to come!) but it was fun and I appreciate the opportunity.

8/19 – A Prayer of Moses is now available in print format!

7/25 –A Prayer of Moses, the man of God update: ISBN has been assigned. Library of Congress PCN has been assigned. Project file on CreateSpace has been started. Almost done formatting for printing. Still need to select cover photo.

7/23 – Finished chapter 4 of Falcon Rising today. Really excited about it. Will be spending a substantial amount of the week working on Psalm 90: A Prayer of Moses the man of God, formatting it for publishing. Still on track for an August release of that title.

Have been scheduled by the Greenville Public Library for a book-signing in September (September 10th. Doris and I have also spent the last two days working with QuickBooks to get the business side of Doorway Press set up. She’s really sharp, and doing a great job with it!

7/6 – Will be interviewed on Falcon Down by Naomi Cantrell on JoyFM on July 11. There is a copy available for checkout in the Greenville Public Library. Have sold several Falcon Down Kindle copies in the United Kingdom. Yay!

Editing on Psalm 90: A Prayer of Moses the man of God is complete, now formatting for print on demand, and working with Dani Snell on the cover.On target for an August release.

Also editing Falcon Rising which is now at 66,000 words. I’ll be posting an excerpt from it in the next couple of weeks, and creating its own page. Going to be picking a cover photo for Falcon Rising soon from Kris Klop’s Clear Sky Photography site. On target for a December release.

6/19 – Now have Falcon Down books in stock, as well as Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix. Signed copies ship within 24 hours.

6/15 – Falcon Down is published and available.Editing has begun on Falcon Rising.