Archived News, June 2015-June 2016

6/20/2016 – Just finished chapter 20. Word count is 123,870. Probably just two more chapters to go. I anticipate being able to make an August publication date.

5/29/2016 – Now on chapter 17. Word count is at 100,000 plus.

5/2/2016 -Chapter 14 has been distributed to my beta readers. An ISBN and Library of Congress PCN have been obtained. My awesome cover lady (Dani Snell, formerly Dani Cobb!) is working on the cover. Word count is now 90,000 plus.

4/18/2016 – Chapter 13 has been posted. Word count is now around 88,000. A note on the word count: it includes several chapters later in the story that have not yet been posted. When I began this project I wrote chapter 1, and then wrote the action immediately following chapter 1. After writing several chapters of that, and satisfying myself that I had it well in hand, I then turned to chapter 2, which takes place twelve years earlier. Chapter 14 will pick up where chapter 1 left off.

4/5/2016 – Chapter 12 has been posted. Word count is > 79,000.

3/28/2016 – Have posted Chapter 11 of The Candidate. Word count is now north of 74,000.

3/4/2016 – Chapter 10 of The Candidate has been posted. Word count: 64,000.

3/2/2016 – Chapter 9 of The Candidate has been posted. The word count now stands at 59,600. I am taking vacation time this week to write, and hope to post at least one, possibly two more chapters by Sunday.

2/22/2016 – Chapter 8 of The Candidate has been posted. Word count is now at 55,000 words.

2/8/2016 – Chapter 7 of The Candidate has been posted. Word count is 50,600. Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix has now sold in Australia, and Falcon Down in the UK.

1/23/2016 – Chapter 6 of The Candidate has been posted.

1/19/2016 – Applied all the latest reader suggestions/corrections to The Candidate. Project at 45,400 words.

1/11/2016 – Working on chapter 7, project at 45,000 words.

1/7/2016 – Chapter 5 has been posted. Project is now at 44,000 words.

12/21/2015 -Project is now at 42,000 words. Four chapters have been posted.

12/6/2015 – Chapter 3 of The Candidate has been posted. The total project is now at 39,000 words with around 8 chapters written.

11/23/2015 – The first two chapters of The Candidate have been posted.

11/13/2015 – Toy Story mousepad has reappeared! Writing has resumed on The Candidate, and I am projecting an August, 2016 release. I have also decided to begin posting the tale, chapter by chapter, here in PDF format. The first chapter will be posted within a week, and then at least one chapter per month thereafter. Please understand that the chapters will be drafts, before editing has taken place. You are encouraged to respond to them using the comments form.

8/3/2015 – If you purchased a Kindle copy of the Falcon series, you may receive the corrected version by going to Manage My Kindle on your Amazon account. The corrected version may be downloaded for free. There is no change to the story, but now you can read it with a black background without losing any of the text. I have not been able to verify that the problem exists in Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix, or in A Prayer of Moses, so there are no changes to those books. Thanks for your patience!

7/27/2015 Two updates: first, I am having tough sledding on The Candidate. It will not be out by Christmas, and I don’t have a new estimated release date yet. Second, I have discovered some problems with the Kindle copy of Falcon Rising. Some portions of the book are unreadable if your Kindle is set to a black background. The interim workaround is to set it to a white or sepia background. I anticipate having a fix out within two weeks, and you should be able to download the corrected copy without charge at your “Manage my Kindle” page. It is possible this same problem appears in my other titles, though no one has mentioned it. In any case, they should all be correct by mid-August. My apologies!